Available NOW! 2 New Singles from Hank Angel!

Hank Angel and the Silver Bishops                                                                                   3 Song CD Single, The Early Tapes! Previously Unreleased! Recorded on Gene Vincent’s Birthday 1996, Live-Off-The-Floor, in the studio. No overdubs. With Dove Brown (Jr. Gone Wild) and Jon Card (D.O.A., SNFU, SubHumans), Barry Lindal (Cheatin’ & Hurtin’, Gasoline Redhead).

SILVER BISHOPS - SINNER CD FRONTSHank Angel and the Trounce Alley Quartet                                                                       3 Song CD Single, from the upcoming full-length gospel-billy album ‘SINNER YOU BETTER GET READY!!!‘. With the FABULOUS Trounce Alley Quartet! A collection of traditional, old-time and original gospel songs, done in Hank Angel’s trademark fast and frantic style. Tent-Revival Gospel music to make you raise your hands, feel the power in the blood and think of that church in the wildwood.

To listen, download or purchase either of these fine titles, go to: www.hankangel.bandcamp.com